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Current episode nr. 233|29.2.2024|19 Min

Brandstetter: A foundation model for simulation

Johannes Brandstetter teaches at the JKU Linz and is Head of Research at NXAI. He spoke to Robert Weber about the near future of simulation with AI and how he wants to build a foundation model for industry.

About the podcast

The Industrial AI Podcast reports weekly on the latest developments in AI and machine learning for the engineering, robotics, automotive, process and automation industries. The podcast features industrial users, scientists, vendors and startups in the field of Industrial AI and machine learning. The podcast is hosted by Peter Seeberg, Industrial AI consultant and Robert Weber, tech journalist.


Their mission: Demystify Industrial AI and machine learning, inspire industrial users.


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About the podcast hosts

Peter Seeberg is an Industrial AI and machine learning expert for the manufacturing industry. He worked over 25 years in IT (Intel) and 10 years in Automation. He co-initiated the Industrial Data Intelligence Startup (Softing) where he was responsible for managing machine learning projects in industrial environments. Today he advises companies when it comes to Industrial AI and machine learning. Together with Robert Weber, journalist for industrial topics, he discusses AI and ML applications, standards, and education topics, make or buy decisions as well as regulation for AI in manufacturing.

Robert Weber

Peter Seeberg


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Customer Reviews

Director / COO, CDO, Witzenmann Gruppe|29.3.2022

Excellent podcast

Excellent podcast to get a broad and well-founded overview of the possible applications of artificial intelligence in industry. Especially for generalists, this is an excellent and pleasantly easy-to-understand introduction to one of the most important technologies of the coming decades.

Director Product Management, Bosch Rexroth|8.2.2021


The "Industrial AI Podcast" is one of my favourite podcasts that I listen to regularly. Robert Weber and Peter Seeberg provide very good and practical information on the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning for mechanical engineering. In their selection of guests, they have a balanced mix of science, users and technology suppliers!

Software development, Trumpf|5.2.2021

Flight level

It's been on my heart for a long time to say thank you for your great podcast! It's an optimal format to keep me updated at the right flying altitude.

Vice President Analytics, Weidmüller|17.10.2020

Neutral overview

The "Industrial AI Podcast" offers a neutral and broad overview of ML applications in industry. The discussions with the experts explain application fields, opportunities, trends and hurdles of ML applications in a comprehensible and clear manner. What is particularly good is that the topics are illuminated from the perspective of industrial application and research, as this succeeds in broadening the horizon. Overall, the podcast succeeds in setting new impulses for the use of ML in industry.

Software Architekt, Siemens|23.6.2020

Sign of the times

I am a passionate listener of the "Industrial AI Podcast". With their topics, Peter and Robert hit the sign of the times in my domain.

Senior Expert AI, Atos|21.6.2020

Outside the box

For me, the "Industrial AI Podcast" is the proverbial look beyond my own specialty and my own industry focus. It gives me insights and suggestions and shows me again and again that we are dealing with the same challenges in the field of AI, regardless of the industry and customers The whole thing is packed in an interesting and oftentimes entertaining way.

Lead Innovation, Wacker|14.5.2020

No throne for AI

Unlike other podcasts, the "Industrial AI Podcast" puts the spotlight on using AI well and proves with real-world examples that we're all moving. You don't elevate AI to a throne. That's good.

Plant Engineer Manager, Bayer|5.3.2020

Food for thought

With each new episode of the podcast, I am always fascinated by the great diversity that the topic of the "Industrial AI Podcast" offers. The podcast and the book provide me with a lot of interesting food for thought for the use of artificial intelligence on real problems thanks to the entertaining contributions.

Head of Control Technology & Automation, BMW|4.11.2019

Questions from the industry

"Industrial AI Podcast" is the only [...] podcast tailored precisely to the questions currently driving executives in manufacturing companies.

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