EPISODE 200 | 22.6.2023 | 48 MIN

Anniversary episode and how CLAAS designers use AI for CAD - 200 episodes Industrial AI Podcast

The agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS wants to cleverly reuse components from different product series in order to save manufacturing, development and storage costs. The enormous product complexity and diversity of variants makes it difficult. Our guests are Roger Tiako Poungue, Domain Lead CAD Mechanic at CLAAS, and Fabian Hanke, Fraunhofer IEM. They explain their approach to us. A knowledge database records the geometries and functions of all CAD models. AI methods such as Case Based Reasoning (CBR) then recognise whether there are already suitable components in the company for the respective development order.  Peter Seeberg and Robert Weber celebrate this special episode.

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Guests of this episode
  • Fabian Hanke

    Research Associate, Fraunhofer IEM

  • Roger Tiako Poungue

    Domain Lead CAD Mechanic, CLAAS

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