EPISODE 192 | 27.4.2023 | 39 MIN

Aleph Alpha, HPE and the industrial robot

We were at the Hannover Messe. One highlight was our Industrial AI event with many use cases, but we also talked about the elephant in the room: LLMs and Industrial Use Cases. There's a little summary in this episode. Sepp Hochreiter and his "LSTM LLM" made it into the news. In addition Deepmind and Hans Beckhoff come to ChatGPT. In the main part, Robert Weber talks to Iveta Lohovska and Andy Longworth from HPE about their LLM and a robotics use case. Another guest is Erik Scepanski from Siemens. He explains the automation company's LLM approach to us.

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Guests of this episode
  • Iveta Lohovska

    Principal Data Scientist | AI Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Andy Longworth

    Data Platform Lead, A&PS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Erik Scepanski

    Innovation Management, Siemens

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