EPISODE 173 | 1.12.2022 | 44 MIN

Use case: Industrial AI and the saw doctor

AI isn't just for the big companies. We found a medium-sized company from the Alpine foothills that is taking an interesting approach to its levelling and tensioning machine. Kohlbacher produces straightening center, sharpening, llevelling and tensioning machines and the owner Siegfried Kohlbacher and his colleague Michael Trumb explain to us why and how they use Industrial AI. The partner in the project was Bosch Rexroth. Kohlbacher is a market leader. The specialist company improves its machines for the timber industry such as filing machines, benching machines and straightening centers on an ongoing basis. In the news section we talk about Galactica, ASML and a new cold war in AI and about Le Cun and Jürgen Schmidhuber. 

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Guests of this episode
  • Siegfried Kohlbacher

    GF, Kohlbacher GmbH

  • Michael Trumb

    Produktionsplanung, Kohlbacher GmbH

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