EPISODE 172 | 24.11.2022 | 29 MIN

Control cabinets, connectors, PLCs and Industrial AI

Most listeners know Phoenix Contact as a supplier for the control cabinet or as a PLC manufacturer. But the Blomberg-based company also wants to market AI models. Tom Hammerbacher explains to us how this is to be done. He is responsible for the Industrial AI division. In the podcast In the podcast, he explains to us how he and his team want to predict the customer's energy consumption, how he deploys AI at the customer's site and what role the PLC from Phoenix Contact plays in this. We also talk about model development in Blomberg and how the engineers test and use their technology in their own factory.

The podcast is growing and we want to keep growing. That's why our German-language podcast is now available in English. We are happy about new listeners. 

More AI in the industry? --> in our book (german)

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Guests of this episode
  • Tom Hammerbacher

    System Manager, Phoenix Contact

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