EPISODE 162 | 15.9.2022 | 44 MIN

AI for technical drawings

Designers and engineers are faced with huge prints and are looking for technical specifications - this is the reality at many companies. Jochen Mattes from Werk24 wants to change that with AI. How? He explains it to us in an interview.

His machine learning model is further trained every month with over 100,000 technical drawings. The idea behind it: The AI reads technical drawings and provides drawing legend, dimensions, tolerances, threads, chamfers, radii and surface quality.

The podcast is growing and we want to keep growing. That's why our German-language podcast is now available in English. We are happy about new listeners. 

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More AI in the industry? --> in our book (german)

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Guests of this episode
  • Dr. Jochen Mattes

    CEO & Owner, Werk24

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