EPISODE 161 | 8.9.2022 | 21 MIN

Instant Machine Learning for time series

In this episode, we talk to Philip Wauters of Tangent Works about time series, Auto ML, and Instant ML.

The approach: in contrast to Auto ML, the approach is more resource efficient. Tangent Works has promised a new modeling approach designed specifically for time series. In the end, only one model is created for the use case, the Belgians assure, and at high speed. For many applications, it's just seconds, they say. The secret ingredient is called Information Geometry. This provides the speed and makes automation possible.

The podcast is growing and we want to keep growing. That's why our German-language podcast is now available in English. We are happy about new listeners. 

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Guests of this episode
  • Philip Wauters

    Customer Success Manager & Value Engineer, Tangent Works

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